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📢 Update -[NEW] Site24x7’s updated app for Microsoft Teams enables intelligent DevOps in the moment

We live in an era of cloud with SaaS applications driving our productivity day in and day out. As a consumer it’s hard to imagine even a second without your favorite app being accessible whenever you need it. As a SaaS business, it’s even harder to imagine your service facing a downtime with every minute costing you significant dollars and of course, customer trust. Site24x7’s innovative cloud-based IT monitoring tools provide visibility into critical performance parameters of your infrastructure (websites, servers, network etc.) and provide proactive insight on the health of your services so that your customers never face a downtime.


The new Site24x7 app in Microsoft Teams enables DevOps within your favorite collaboration workspace a breeze. How? See below:


Information at your fingertips – anytime, anywhere you need on any device!
Use the Site24x7 bot on Microsoft Teams to ask questions and receive accurate responses on real-time, monitored data using natural language processing (NLP)-powered conversational interface. Built for action, the newly incorporated bot Site24x7 ensure you’re always connected.



Democratize monitoring using smart and beautiful dashboards!

Add custom all-in-one dashboards from your Site24x7 instance into any Microsoft Teams channel. Give your DevOps team a single pane of glass to oversee the health of your resources without the need of hopping across multiple monitoring devices and interfaces. Achieve faster analysis and troubleshooting with Site24x7’s custom dashboard in Teams.



Don’t be the last one to find out!

Use Site24x7’s connector in Microsoft Teams to get notified about real-time alerts and reports that may critically affect the uptime of your services. Get your entire team on the same page with rich notifications coming right into Teams channels of your choice.


It’s time to get your agile DevOps workforce an environment they truly deserve. An environment that is built for organizing, collaborating and prioritizing alert remediation and taking instant troubleshooting and corrective actions like ever before. Site24x7 + Microsoft Teams is here to make DevOps in the moment a reality.


Can’t wait to get started? Head over to AppSource and install the Site24x7 app for Microsoft Teams immediately.


Looking for Azure support? Monitor 100+ Azure products in near real-time, gain actionable alerts, and bring down resolution time using Site24x7 Azure monitoring right inside Microsoft Teams to make quicker decisions.


Want to know more? Check out how you can leverage Site24x7’s intelligent and robust Microsoft Teams app integration here.

Source Reference : Microsoft Teams Tech Community


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