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Bundling and Minification (Mind Map/ Summary)


Optimize SharePoint REST API with client side caching | Angular JS

If you working with any REST API and having the requirement of getting too many data from the from the DB or lists (in SharePoint) [ GET requests ]. You may facing slowness in the App, Web Part or in client side web part. To overcome above issue with the load, one option would be caching of recurring data while you made all other performance improvement points. Following describes how yo improve performance of SharePoint Online/On-prem application which relies on REST API by using caching and uses Angular JS for client side development. Note: Out of the box (OOTB) Angular JS having caching implementation on the $http, but in following sample I have used " angular-cache " since it give more features such as access to local storage and session storage . First you should include following references  and include those it in your project. Secondly , you should configure the caching options. Either you configure caching g