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Error when opening the Click-to-Run version of an Office program or suite on a terminal server

Problem  If you trying to install Office 365 or in a way Office Pro Plus on your server which promotes a terminal server or RDS you will face this issue. Typical terminal server installation refers to licensing server which issues license CALs based on requests. When we install Office also it trying to follow typical way of doing.  This could be overcome with referring licenses fromOffice 365 at user login.   Solution  Simply you could download below XML (*.xml) and PowerShell script (*.ps1) to same folder. Navigate to folder and run below mentioned PowerShell command s as an admin.  More information

Script to remove Outlook custom signatures.

While in the process of deploying signatures with centralized location in Office 365, I wrote this piece of code to be used. This will remove user custom Microsoft Outlook signature with automating removal of signatures in Windows machines. Tested in Windows 2012, 2016, 7, 8, and 10.   Code snippet as below: