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Outlook crashes (hang) when searching emails

You could send email and you could receive email but when you search Outlook getting "not responding". FIX: You could fix this issue by  restart Windows. Exact FIX: Open Run (Windows + R) and run services.msc to open Services. Look for "Windows Search" service which Windows is using to index, cache and search emails. Restart the service you good to go!

MS Teams - Continuously popup "Login Now"

If you changed your Office password or logged with multiple Office accounts in the system. You may face this. Even though you hit on "Login Now" , it comes to same screen. No Options! You not allowing to sign in or not allowing you to do anything other than hitting on login. You could try kill the app (in "task manager") but still its same.   Until Microsoft finds proper way to handle this dead lock, you could try below solution .  Right click on Microsoft teams task manager icon and hit on 'Log out' then login again.  You good to go!

Guide - Fastest way to Generate App Password in Office 365

Most of the times if you enabled MFA (Multi Factor Authentication aka. 2 Step verification) your organizational tenant users wont be able to authenticate into applications with typical password they use. Applications could be desktop or mobile applications eg. Outlook, ios email, Android email etc. As an admin this will be some over work and for Office 365 users this will be little bit of confusing. To overcome confusions following simple steps will be useful. 1st Login into 2nd Copy and paste below address on same browser. 3rd  Generate app password and enter that password to your app instead of usual password.