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Get all user profile properties to csv

Notes: Custom properties are not fetching with the CSOM Properties marked with "Only Me" cant be fetched with CSOM SSOM and PowerShell is the option when you fetching properties using System; using Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles; using Microsoft.SharePoint; using CSVHelper; using System.Data; using System.Configuration; using log4net; namespace UserProfileUtility { class Program { // Get url from App config static string siteUrl = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["SiteUrl"].ToString(); // User Properties handler static UserProperties userProp = new UserProperties(); //Logging private static readonly log4net.ILog log = log4net.LogManager.GetLogger(System.Reflection.MethodBase.GetCurrentMethod().DeclaringType); /// <summary> /// Main method /// </summary> /// Arguments static void Main(string[] args) { #region Definitions DataTable dataTable =

In memory of Office SharePoint Server 2007 aka MOSS

Naturally we all expect end on everything, same applies to software in this days. Hopefully we could not see SharePoint 2007 living with us for ten years as for now after 10 th October 2017 , in a way This is with the good hope on modernize and evolve with the collaboration but in a way bad news for whom love classics. What happens after deprecation? No security update further This will get managing this costly No patches No hot fixes from Microsoft No support Need to migrate to version with life as sooner Not guaranteed Office365 and cloud support No technical content management Less documentations and resources Less community engagement Key milestones to say good bye! "Say good bye and make your modernization plans switched on"

Improved LOOK to Office365

Since this is quick update on the Microsoft Office team and no influence on the functionality aspect, thought of make post ultra summarized. Older Office365 started rolling out in December and will continue through early 2017. Quick view will be enhanced in the home page of yours login as below. There is a change on your apps on the cloud but more or less this is a UX (user experience) side improvements which makes Office user happy. You can create new documents and also view latest modified documents at a glance on the home page. Documents will be simply quick preview of your OneDrive. Your start page as can be selected on your preference with tapping on the "Settings Gear" which appears on the top right corner. References

REST and OData with Office365 APIs

When communicate with Office or SharePoint APIs, its important fact that knowledge on representational transfer protocol and OData protocols while moving with deep customization's. what is REST (Representational State Transfer)? In simple terms REST is all about below; Predefined set of stateless operation which identified by URL Responses may contain HTML, JSON, XML or any other defined format which supported GET, POST, PUT, DELETE are most common forms of HTTP verbs Eg. GET: http:///_api/web/lists/GetByTitle('Test') GET: what is OData (Open Data Protocol)? Equipped with query and creational capabilities on REST APIs Initiated by Microsoft in year 2007 Format [http or https]://<REST Endpoint URL>/<query> http://<end point URI>?$select=value&$filter=condition$orderby=value Open Standardization? Standards which are developed with the involvement of community (