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Integrate SharePoint Documents with Office Web Apps in Custom Solutions

If you are finding way of integrating " Office Web Apps(OWA) " with your custom solution which built with SharePoint CSOM/ JSOM or with integration of any client site development. Specially in a scenario where you develop your own "SharePoint display template" following integration points will be useful; View in office web apps Following link will work; if your requirement is to open your document in OWA. This can be done with simply appending parameter as below; [code]<uri to your document>?Web=0[/code] Eg: http://mydomain.local/sites/OWASite/Documents/TechCentro.docx ?Web=0 Edit SharePoint documents in OWA Following way of integration with the Office Web apps which let you to pick your action is; means that whether your action may be read, edit or your default setting. [code]<Web absolute URi>_layouts/15/WopiFrame.aspx?sourcedoc=<Relative URi to document>&action=<Your action>[/code] Summary of actions as below;   &action=default -&

.NET Core vs .NET Framework Web Applications in ASP.NET

"When and when not use .NET core and .NET Framework" When you gone to create new ASP.NET web application you will get many templates if you selected new .NET framework version and with new VisualStudio versions. This is little confusing for anyone when first seeing this. But as for Microsoft; one for fully Microsoft platform support and other one for cross platform support. Will check; what's best option which we can select with our requirement as below; .NET Framework .NET Core Better to run on Windows Better to run on any platform ie. Linux, Mac..etc Superior Subset of framework Deployable mostly only to Windows Deployable to any platform Mostly not Involve command line style development Mostly sticked to VisualStudio May use different development environments such as VS code, Sublime or anyother App migration or development involved for other environments No involvement required in most of the cases All .NET sub frameworks supported Sub-frameworks like WPF, Windows