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View actual error in SharePoint without 'something went wrong' (Enable debug mode in SharePoint)

Go to your SharePoint web.config file and open it with admin privileges in a text editor. <local file location>\inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\<SharePoint Web App>\web.config Eg. C:\inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\8888\web.config Make your compilation debug mode true Make your Call stack true.   CustomErrors mode to off   Finally you will be able to view the actual error without customizing it in debug mode; Note: It's better if you keep a backup on above file before make any change.  

Nintex Forms sample with JavaScript and email validations

Settings of Yes/No button Including validations for email entry textbox Settings of submit button Settings for “Submit” button. Button action should be “Save and Submit” since we do run custom JavaScript’s. Custom JavaScript This should be applied in the form settings section. [code language="javascript"] function UserAgreement(source, arguments) { // varAgree is checkbox client id alert(NWF$('#'+varAgree).prop("checked"));if(NWF$('#'+varAgree).prop("checked")) { arguments.IsValid=true; } else{ arguments.IsValid=false; } } [/code]    

SharePoint Add-ins Vs. Web Parts (Comparison of App Model)

If you are SharePoint visual web part developer and starting up ground works with the SharePoint apps development, following comparison would be useful when mapping your previous knowledge with this.     SharePoint Add-in SharePoint Web Parts Installed on Runs independently without sitting on the SharePoint (Client) SharePoint front end servers (Public facing servers) Weight of the code Client side scripting and weight of code does not impact the SharePoint Depends on the code based provided with the web part Coupling with the SharePoint server Loosely coupled with SharePoint and runs independently Tightly coupled with SharePoint Server and cannot survive without it Client side scripting Highly involved Less impacted on most developments Server side scripting Possible Not Possible Mounted to SharePoint Using iFrame Using ASPX controls Pre configuration App catalog and some other configurations required No Distribution via common place (App ) Capable No Integrating with other programmin