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Angular JS Jumpstart in Single Page (Quick Ref)

Challenges with SPA and which answered with Angular JS. DOM Manipulation Routing Data binding AJAX/ Promises History/ Caching Module loading View loading Which Angular consist of (vocabulary of ng world) Data binding MVC (Model-View-Controller) Routing Testing JQLite Templates History Factories View Models Controller Views Directives Directives ? Simply its reusable DOM element which may consist with attributes, element name, comment, CSS and etc. This instructs Angular HTML compiler($compile) to attach specified behavior to the DOM element via event listen or other. (Ref: Eg: ng-app, ng-model..etc Filters ? This uses to get only some values from a collection which satisfies a condition. FAQ : Can we write custom directives and filters? The answer is Yes. $Scope This is the link between view and controller, this also can be known as 'ViewModel'. As a example Customers is binded with view by $scope