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XML Essentials [Episode One]

  • Download the PDF > XML essentials

    • eXtensible Markup Language

    • Tag based syntax, very much like HTML but not a replacement for it

    • Recommendation of W3C 1998

    • Base for several web technologies such as XHTML, AJAX, RSS/ATOM, Web services

    • Used for structure and describe data

    • Enables communicate between different systems and services

    • Hosts different related technologies such as XPath, XSLT, XQuey, XPointer/ XLink


    • Separates presentation layer

    • XML files can be read by many applications such as Java, .Net, PHP, JavaScript and etc.

    • Can be used with Server side and Client side


    • Not suitable for large data files (like 1GB of data)

    • Not suitable for image like data

    • JSON may be better solution for some cases other than XML

    Basics of XML

    • Elements Naming

    Can only start with hyphen (_) or with letter

    Rules of XML Syntax

    • Must have single root tag

    • Must well formed

    • Must have end tags

    • Attributes must inside quotes

    XML Namespaces

    • Prevents from different language tags conflicting with XML tags we defining

    • CDATA Section

      • Will not processed by XML parser

      • Used in cases like when we using some scripting codes inside

    • Processing Instructions

      • Special instructions to XML parser

      • Syntax - <?targetName instructions ?>

    Start Working on XML

    If you started with below and open with browser, It’ll ask for style information as below;

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>


    This is my First XML file

    <!-- This is a comment in file -->

    Then what you should do is adding style sheet to itas below

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no"?>

    <!--This must be at the top-->

    <?xml-stylesheet type="text/css" href="FirstXmlCss.css"?>

    <!--processin instructions to include stylesheet-->


    This is my First XML file

    <!-- This is a comment in file -->


    Style sheet should be as follows

    /*this is CSS file for XML*/

    FirstTag {







    Document Object Model (DOM)

    • Platform, browser and language neutral

    • Represent content as tree structure

    • Uses to disaplay and manipulate XML data




    <title>This is title</title>



    <p>DOM explained</p>



    Properties of DOM

    For represent relationships

    For accessing and creating elements

    For accessing and removing properties




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